Connelly 10’6″ Explorer

Connelly 10'6

Connelly 10'6


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10


9.5 /10


7.5 /10


  • Super stable
  • Great for beginners
  • Can be used for Yoga
  • Suitable for heavier riders


  • Not for you if you're looking to get into racing or surf bigger waves


This is a great board for going out and having a seriously fun time. It has incredible stability so it’s easy to use for anyone – you can even take your dog! It has grip on the deck that makes it super comfortable, plus, you don’t have to apply wax every time you go out – double bonus. With its affordable price, you and your friends can all get one, and you can start a SUP yoga clubs. So hop on and get ready to start your next journey.

Explorer SUP by ConnellyConstruction:

The Explorer is strong. Not only does it have an EPS core, it also has the added strength of a wooden stringer all the way down the board. With this kind of durability, you will get your money’s worth in years of use. It’s also glassed with epoxy and fiberglass which makes it super hard to ding. The deck and rails have EVA all over them giving your feet a nice cushion while you paddle. And it has a nylon fin-filled with fiberglass allowing for a bit of flex when you need to make a quick turn.


It’s very stable and easy to balance on. It works best in flat waters like lakes and the ocean when there’s not a lot of surf. If you want to try catching waves, you’ll want to take it to a very mellow point break with a long wave. If you’re more advanced, you could go for some bigger surf because its length makes it easy to get up to the speed needed. Just watch out after you catch the wave because its length and minimal rockers can get you into trouble, especially if you’re going to be pulling into some barrels.

Fin Setup Explorer SUPSpecs:

The Connelly Explorer has a lot of volume. At 10’6”, 33 1/2” wide and 215 liters, it can hold up to 240lbs. It comes in a variety of colors from red to black to white. Included with the board is a planning hull, paddle, fin, and, best of all, a leash.


Ultra stable. Soft, cushiony padding for comfortable feet. Nice, easy glide that takes you far with every paddle. Catches waves with ease and finesse. Great for yoga and getting friends together at the beach.


There’s nothing wrong with this board unless for some reason you want to use it to surf Pipeline – in other words: not for gaping barrels.


Take this board out, relax, drink a few beers and go out for a happy paddle. Use it for early mornings across the lake. Have your four-legged, water-loving friend join you and fire up his schnauzer with the pungent scents of the sea. Use it as an excuse to start a social exercise club. And find your Zen while gliding through the beauty of the serene waters of your backyard nature playground.

Length10.6 ft
Volume215 liters
Weight Capacity240lbs
ExtrasPaddle included

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