Boardworks Muse

Boardworks Muse












  • Comfort
  • Custom Styling and Graphics
  • Lightweight and Stable
  • High Quality Construction


  • Slightly high in price for an entry-level SUP

The Boardworks Muse is a beautiful, lightweight, stable and well-constructed board designed for female stand up paddlers. Boardworks-muse-rei

This board will handle most flatwater conditions and is versatile enough for handling small surf and chop.

At 24 pounds, it’s lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver. It features a high quality layered construction consisting of fiberglass, epoxy, and an EPS foam core.

The Muse stands out because of the Boardworks attention to detail.

For example, paddlers will appreciate the added comfort of the croc skin deck pad on their feet after a long paddle. It also has a nice finger slot carry handle and deck tie downs for carrying gear.

And the board has beautiful graphics, including the following quote scripted on the hull: “Nature is my Muse……she inspires me to be a truer version of me”.

Check out this video of the Muse in action:

What SUPers love about the Boardworks Muse:

  • The Versatility: This SUP is perfect for your first board and will handle most conditions smoothly and comfortably. It’s also plenty of board for more experienced paddlers.
  • The Looks: The Muse is an attractive board with custom graphics to make it stand out among other beginner boards.
  • The Quality: The Muse was designed with high quality materials for durability, maneuverability and overall stability.

SUP Specs:

Length 10’6″
Width 32″
Thickness 4.25″
Fin 9″ center, FCS dolphin
Volume 183 Litres
Weight Capacity Rated for paddlers up to 200lbs
Hull Type Planing
Board Weight 24 lbs

Where to buy:

The Boardworks Muse is available exclusively from REI.