Featuring two of our favorite 2014-2015 picks for entry-level stand up paddleboards. The OZoboards Cruiser and Aquaglide Impulse both perform well in most waterways and offer comfortable, stable learning platforms for new SUP enthusiasts. Each stand up paddleboard also features bright, vibrant colors with full volume rails and soft deck surfaces.
The OzoBoard Cruiser SUP

oZoboards Cruiser SUP

The oZoboards Cruiser SUP is an ideal choice for the true beginner. This board is designed to get you up and running on your local waterway.

The Cruiser features a raised and soft deck, providing a comfortable platform to learn on. This enables you to work your way up, from starting the paddle on your knees, to standing and tacking most flatwater conditions.

At 10’6″, It’s also a nice length for beginners. This size will allow for easy transport, storage, and maneuverability.

Don’t worry about stability either. The oZoboards Cruiser has a nice width of 32.5″ and is rated for riders up to 300lbs.

It’s a truly versatile option for beginners of all ages and sizes.

It’s also priced right for entry-level paddlers and can be found on Amazon.com.
Impulse SUP by Aquaglide

Aquaglide Impulse SUP

The Aquaglide Impulse SUP is also a good size for beginners. At 11′ x 32″, this board will allow beginner paddlers to find their stability rather quickly as well as transport the board to and from the beach with relative ease.

The Impulse is a stylish board with full rails, a soft deck surface, and plenty of performance characteristics to grow with your increased comfort and ability on the board.

This board is also priced reasonably.

Because of its buoyancy and stability, the Impulse also works well as a yoga board. Just an added bonus if you’re looking for other SUP activities. Like the Cruiser, the Impulse is a perfect family board.